Grow your business with Qiao Yi Dai

Based on the self-developed big data risk control model, Qupital has developed a new generation of financing products, focusing on providing one-stop rapid financing services for e-commerce sellers.


Here's what you can expect.

Easy application
Fully online application and approval process.
No mortgage required
Data-based credit model.
APR Range 10-13%*.
*Subject to credit assessment decision
*Shall not exceed limits imposed by applicable law and regulations
Rapid Loan
Complete entire credit assessment process within 3 working days.
Finance with 3 steps

3 steps to successful working capital optimization.

Easy application
Submit your application on Qupital platform.
Online Audit
System processes your application automatically.
Rapid Loan
Receive funding within 24 hours once the entire credit assessment process is complete.

You can use Qiao Yi Dai if you have:

At least $50,000 US dollars monthly revenue in Amazon / eBay
Amazon / eBay token
Hong Kong entity
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our product.

What’s token? Will there be risks?

The Authorization Token, along with your Seller ID, is what we use to link your Amazon or eBay Seller account to Qupital. This is an officially approved method by the platforms, which will not cause data leakage issues.

Which platform sellers are currently eligible to apply for financing?

Currently Amazon and eBay, but we are working on more platforms.

Is it possible to request a higher credit limit?

As long as sellers' monthly sales reaches a certain level and no record of late repayment, the seller will be eligible to apply for a higher credit limit. The credit limit can also be increased through cash-flow or stock enhancement, please consult your account manager for more information.

In what currencies do we provide financing?


What if you don’t have a Hong Kong registered company?

For now, we can only finance sellers who registered Hong Kong companies. Sellers without registered Hong Kong company can apply for financing from us once they register one. (Our partner can help them to set up Hong Kong company)