Why invest with Qupital?

Qupital platform connects investors with e-commerce merchants seeking working capital.

Investor can earn an average of 8-13% p.a. annualized returns.

*If you are an institutional investor, and would like to expand your investment portfolio, register now and our representatives will be in touch for details.

*Actual returns may vary.

The Benefits

Here's what you can expect.

Higher Returns Than Traditional Investments
Average annualized yield of 8-13% p.a.
Brand New Asset Class
Broaden your investment portfolio.
High Liquidity
Short investment cycle with typical maturity duration of 30 to 90 days.
Easy-To-Use Online Platform
Simply register on our Qupital investor platform.
Big Data Backed Risk Model
We use real time data to mitigate the risk.
Quality E-commerce Merchants
E-commerce is one of the fastest growing business sectors around the world.
How to get started?

Simply register on our Qupital platform and below is a brief introduction to our operation:

E-commerce Merchants onboard and apply cash advances on Qupital Platform
Live data from e-commerce platforms are automatically synchronized with Qupital for credit decisions.
Investors buy the cash advance assets
Cash advance assets are open for purchase on our platform.
E-commerce Merchants repay the cash advance
After e-commerce sellers repay the sum of capital and interest will be returned to investors.

We require our investors to be Professional Investor(PI).

Family office
Institutional investors