Why Invest with Qupital?


Our innovative investment platform is ideal for institutional investors, family offices and sophisticated professional investors from around the globe. With varying degrees of return, risk and maturity profiles, trade receivables are able to satisfy the needs of diverse investor types. A receivable offered on Qupital is structured to provide investors with the highest yield and late payment protection available.



Great Returns

Qupital offers opportunities for higher returns compared to traditional investments of a similar risk profile. Trade receivables can provide returns of 5-18% APR.

Intelligent Analytics

Technology is at the core of Qupital, we use modern machine learning and data science techniques to provide analysis on trade receivables. Qupital provides value to all parties on the platform with smart and cutting-edge data analytics.

High Liquidity

Receivables have a short investment cycle with typical maturity durations of between 30 to 90 days. Furthermore, investors may freely withdraw available funds from their trading account.

Transparent Risk Control

We verify each and every invoice before it is allowed to be traded on Qupital. Investors can view all relevant documentation and processes on any receivable that they are trading. Sellers on our platform go through a rigorous due diligence process.

Efficient Origination

Qupital is the leading platform where investors can access the new alternative investment asset of trade receivables. We provide a marketplace of sellers of diverse industries and sizes.

How It Works


A qualified business will be able to provide their verified invoices onto the Qupital platform.


Investors can view individual invoices and provide a discount rate for the invoice to advance cash to the business.


Once the business's customer remits, Qupital transfers the funds to the funders plus attractive returns.

Return Comparisons



Average industry returns vs. average returns on Qupital


Fixed Deposits 0.15 - 0.50% per annum
Corporate Bonds 2.50 - 6.00% per annum
Trade Receivables 5.00 - 18.00% per annum

Industry Returns (Yield Type vs. Basis Points)

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