Qupital platform connects funder with SMEs seeking capital.

Funder can earn an average of 10% annualized returns
(which is 100% more than traditional corporate bonds).

If you are a family office, institutional investor or professional investor, and want to expand your investment portfolio, register NOW and our representative will reach you for details.

Actual returns may vary. Terms and conditions apply.

The Benefits

Here's what you can expect.

Become a funder

Higher Returns Than Traditional Investments

Double digit yield.

High Liquidity Of The Fund

Short investment cycle with typical maturity duration of 30 to 90 days.

Brand New Asset Class

Broaden your investment portfolio.

Easy-To-Use Online Platform

Simply register on our Qupital funder platform.

Big Data Backed Risk Model

Based on data gathered, risk control is strict to ensure 0 default rate.

Market Opportunity

More than 320000 SMEs in Hong Kong make up of 48% of Hong Kong’s GDP.

Quality Buyers Of The SME

Buyers are well-known brands.

How to get started?

Simply register on our Qupital platform and follow the below steps:


Businesses upload invoice to Qupital platform

Invoices from our sellers will be verified after upload.


Funders bid on invoices

Invoices are open for bidding on our platform.


Buyers repay the amount

After buyers paying the amount, the sum of the capital will be returned to you with the revenue.


We require our funders to be Professional Investor(PI) as defined by SFC

  • Family Office
  • Institutional Investors
  • High Net Worth Individual

Your new asset class

Become a funder