Q: What is receivableS finance?

A: Receivables financing is a way for businesses to advance cash based on amounts due from Customers. Receivables financing helps businesses improve cash flow. Businesses pay a percentage of the invoice value to the facility as a fee for advancing the cash. Receivables financing can solve problems associated with Customers taking a long time to pay and difficulties obtaining other types of business credit.

Q: What does Qupital offer?

A: Qupital is an online platform that allow you to selectively sell your invoices to receive advance cash quickly and efficiently. We have a competitive pool of Funders who are actively seeking to purchase your invoices.

Q: What type of company can sell their invoices on Qupital?

A: We currently can service any limited company based in Hong Kong with over HKD 2,000,000 annual turnover and at least 12 months of operating history.

Q: What type of invoices can be sold on Qupital?

A: Invoices sold on Qupital must have been issued to a Customer you traded with on open account. The payment terms should be between 30 and 180 days.

Q: Which country can my Customers be from?

A: We support almost every country around the world. Exceptional cases may be restricted if the Customer or goods are under international sanctions.

Q: How often can I place my auctions?

A: There is no limitation to how often you want to sell invoices. You are welcome to sell on Qupital based on your needs with no maximum or minimum times of usage required. Qupital does not charge any recurring or minimum usage fees.

Q: What is the typical cost to sell an invoice?

A: You can set your favourable acceptance range of costs when selling an invoice. It will typically be 0.5% to 4% of your invoice values. This cost includes the Platform Fee and Funder Fee, you may refer to the cost calculator on Qupital’s website for more details.

Q: Who will see my financial and invoice information?

A: Only Qupital’s trained staff can see your information that you have provided to us for verification purposes. Funders on the platform may only see the information related to the trade on a profile that is anonymous for your business. Funders must also agree to a confidentiality agreement to not share any information they may obtain on Qupital.

Q: Is my data secure?

A: Your data is hosted on cloud servers, which are protected by the same technologies used by large banks. Qupital’s online platform includes SSL encryption to help secure the data that we exchange.

Q: What will happen if my Customer does not pay on time?

A: There is no problem if your Customer does not pay for the invoice on time. You only need to pay for the number of late days proportional to the original Funder Fee. In a trade that is done under the recourse option, if an invoice is overdue by 60 days, you are required to repurchase the invoice.

Q: Will my Customer be notified that I have sold an invoice on Qupital?

A: There is an option to you that your usage of Qupital is not disclosed to your Customer. You will retain the responsibility for billing and collection.

Q: After an invoice has been sold, how long does it take to receive the advance?

A: We will transfer the advance amount to your bank account within 24 hours.

Q: When and how do I repay the Funder?

A: You do not need to repay to Funder unless a repurchase is required. The Funder will get repaid when the invoice has been remitted by your Customer. At that time, Qupital will transfer the outstanding amount to the Funder and the remaining amount to you.

Q: What account does the invoice remit into?

A: You must instruct your Customer to pay into either a Qupital pooled account or an account designated with your company name.

Q: How does Qupital differ from traditional receivable financing?

A: Qupital has created a better and fairer process for businesses to receive receivable financing. We allow you to selectively sell your invoices. Qupital will never charge you any hidden fees, ongoing service fees or minimum usage fees. We do not require restrictive clauses or personal guarantees.

By diversifying your funding sources on Qupital, you can take away the risk of traditional financiers who may cut lending facilities to you. Additionally, there is significant demand for invoices, we have never had an invoice go unsold on Qupital.

Q: Is there a lot of administrative paperwork required by Qupital? What kind of documents are needed to be submitted for approval?

A: No. We only collect documents required to verify your business and transaction history.

Q: Which currencies does Qupital support?

A: Qupital fully supports invoices denominated in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and United States Dollar (USD). Invoices in other currencies are converted into HKD at the prevailing exchange rate before an invoice is sold. You will receive your advance in HKD and bear any currency risks upon remittance.

Q: What percentage of the invoice value can be advanced?

A: You will be able to set the minimum advance percentage for any of your invoice. Qupital willl provide each of your Customers with a maximum advance percentage, up to 95% of the invoice value.

Q: Who are the Funders on Qupital?

A: Qupital is ideal for institutional investors, family offices and sophisticated professional investors from around the globe. Funders go through a secure registration process before being allowed to fund the invoices.

Q: Will my credit rating be affected from using Qupital?

A: Your credit rating will not be affected by applying to Qupital or by selling your invoices on our platform. We will keep your information and data confidential.