Problem: Cash flow

You have cash locked up in unpaid invoices leading to insufficient liquidity and lack the immediate short term financing required to create more business and grow your company.


Solution: Qupital

Qupital is able to quickly and efficiently provide an option to fund your unpaid invoices. We have a competitive pool of funders who are actively seeking to purchase your invoices. 



Competitive Rates

Raise funding from a diversified pool of investors, they will compete to bring you the lowest fees possible.



We have a culture of transparency at Qupital. The calculation of our fees, the auction process and financing rules are all clear. Each party in a trade will be able to make well-informed decisions.


Fast And Simple Process

It only takes three business days for the advanced cash to be in your account from the day you submit a new invoice. All of this can be done online through our platform.


Customise Your Terms

As a business, you set your own range of discount rates and the maximum times to auction your invoices. You customise your own auction parameters.


Zero Ongoing Costs

There are no hidden fees or ongoing costs with Qupital. You can choose to use the platform whenever your business requires the need, there is no minimum usage.


 Cost Calculator - CUSTOMIZE YOUR FEES


Select the invoice value, payment terms and discount rate of an invoice your are considering on pre-financing through Qupital to see what terms are typically able to be achieved.


slider demo

Invoice Value: $1,000,000

Payment Term: 60 days

Discount Rate: 1.1 %

You will be immediately advanced


Due to you in 60 days


when your customer remits

Discount fee*: $11,000



 Sell a HKD 1,000,000 invoice with 60 days payment term with discount rate of 1.10%


 Qupital transfers to you HKD 900,000 in 24 hours
(90% advance)


 Qupital transfers to you HKD 89,000 when your customer pays on day 60
(remaining 10% minus discount fee)


Discount fee*: HKD 11,000

*This cost example is a typical approximation of an average user and does not include the platform fee. Please sign up with Qupital to find out more.

Seller Eligibility

  • Hong Kong registered company
  • HKD 2,000,000+ turnover
  • Open account trading with other businesses
  • At least 12 months of operating history


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