Fintech Innovation:
Data-Based Credit Model
for Financing Efficiency
Fully Digitalized
Financing Process:
Ensure healthy cash flows for e-commerce sellers
Invest in the
world’s most promising
e-commerce market

Qupital is a Fintech company headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Our main business is to provide customers with quality financing services and solutions, through a digitalized financing process employing big data and our proprietary credit assessment models.

Big Data /
Machine Learning

Qupital conducts precise data analysis using its proprietary big data risk assessment model, evaluating each
e-commerce seller's operational data and closely monitoring real-time changes in the seller's operational situation at key credit control stages before, during and after the provision of a loan, thereby integrating risk assessment and monitoring mechanisms into the seller’s daily operations.

Financing Solution

Qiao Yi Dai, is a digitalized financing solution developed using e-commerce statistics and big data. Qupital obtains real-time authorized data through e-commerce platforms and harnesses the value of the sellers' operational data for credit control purposes.

Invest in
Working Capital

Qupital connects private investors with e-commerce merchants seeking capital. If you are a family office, institutional investor or professional investor, and would like to expand your investment portfolio, register NOW and our representatives will be in touch for details.

Strategic Partners

To provide the best quality services to customers, we have built cooperative relationships with different industry partners.


Qupital has been unanimously affirmed by long-term investors.

"We look forward to working with Qupital to broaden its source of capital base and create unparalleled investment opportunities for CreditEase. We will be working with Qupital to further utilize the technologies to enhance risk management, user experience and operational efficiency."

"Through this follow-on round of financing and the business opportunities that Alibaba Group has facilitated, we have confidence in the future success of Qupital."

"MindWorks have always had a strong conviction in Qupital's team and the company, it has been a pleasure to be a part of their journey from the very beginning. Qupital's ability to form strong strategic partnerships at such an early stage is critical for future growth.